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Name the Identity Card given to artisans in Gujarat for national recognition.


A. Swaroop

B. Ekta


C. Pahchan

D. Samaanta


Right Answer : - C. Pahchan  ✔ ✔


Who was appointed as Sub-Collector of Thalassery to suppress the rev lt of Pazhassi Raja:


A. Munro



C. Robert Clive

D. T.H. Baber


Right Answer : - T.H. Baber ✔ ✔


Name the robot has been introduced by Kumbakonam-based City Union bank to

improve customer Service:


A. Cub- Union

B.Cub- Ubi


C. Cub- Ganga

D.Cub- Lakshmi

  Right Answer : - D. Cub- Lakshmi ✔ ✔

4 . Name the revolutionary Cuban leader who died on 25th November 2016.


A. Fidel Vostro

B.Ryan Vastro


C. Ryder Castro

D.Fidel Castro

  Right Answer : - D. Fidel Castro ✔ ✔

In which year NABARD was established?


A. 1985

  C. 1985 D.1982
  Right Answer : - D. 1982 ✔ ✔

Who is the present Chairman of National Hydro Electric Power Corporation?


A. Shyam Srinivasan

B. K.M. Singh
  C. Ajaypal Singh D.P.S. Jayakumar
  Right Answer : - B. K.M. Singh ✔ ✔


Headquarters of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI)


A. Poona

B. Hyderabad


C. New Delhi

D. Mumbai


Right Answer : - D. Mumbai ✔ ✔


Name the currency of Japan.



A. Yen

B. Lira


C. Rial

D. Ruble

  Right Answer : - A. Yen  ✔ ✔


India's Satellite launch -pad is located at :


A. Visakhapatanam



C. Hyderabad

D. ShriHarikotta

  Right Answer : - D. ShriHarikotta ✔ ✔

10. A method of growing plants without soil:


A. Planting

B. Breeding


C. Hydroponics

D. Vegitation

  Right Answer : - C. Hydroponics ✔ ✔



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