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List of Important International Environment Days for Exams


February 2
World Wetland Day
February 12
Darwin Day
March 3
World Wildlife Day
March 20
World Sparrow Day
March 21
World Forestry Day
March 22
World Water Day
March 23
World Meteorological Day
April 18
World Heritage Day
April 22
Earth Day
International Sun Day
International Day for Biological Diversity
World Turtle Day
June 5
World Environment Day
June 8
World Ocean Day
June 9
Coral Triangle Day
June 15
Global Wind Day
June 17
World Combat Day to Desertification and Drought
July 11
World Population Day
July 28
World Nature Conservation Day
July 29
International Tiger Day
August 6
Anti Nuclear Day
August 6
Hiroshima Day
August 9
Nagasaki Day
August 9
International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
August 12
World Elephant Day
August 20
World Mosquito Day
September 2
Coconut Day
September 16
World Ozone Day
September 21
World Peace Day
September 21
World Alzheimer's Day
September 22
Car Free Day
September 24
World Heart Day
September 24
World Clean-up Day
September 27
World Tourism Day
October 2
World Animal Day
October 3
World Habitat Day
October 4
World Animal Welfare Day
October 13
International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
October 16
World Food Day
October 24
UN Day
October 24
World Development Information Day
November 6
International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict
November 16
International Day for Tolerence
November 21
World Fisheries Day
December 3
World Conservation Day
December 10
Human Rights Day
December 11
International Mountain Day
December 14
World Energy Day
December 29
International Biodiversity Day
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