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1. The word with the correct spelling is

A. Bourgeios
B. Buorgeois
C. Boorgeios
D. Bourgeois

2. Pick out the plural form from the following

A. Deer
B. Man
C. Bacteria
D. Mouse

3. The idiom at sixes and sevens means

A. As fast as possible
B. In a state of confusion
C. Cause of dispute
D. At the last moment

4. __ Mount Everest is situated in Nepal

A. The
B. A
C. An
D. No article

5. The beggar ___ crying in a horrible voice

A. Put forward
B. Put up with
C. Went on
D. Put in

6. Suresh said Do you enjoy swimming? (Change into indirect speech)

A. Suresh asked me if I enjoyed swimming
B. Suresh asked me if I enjoy swimming
C. Suresh asked me if I had enjoyed swimming
D. Suresh asked me if I have enjoyed swimming

7. Spot the error

Most students (a) / from this group (b) / are included (c) / in the L.D Clerk rank list (d)

8. A place were bees are kept

A. Apiary
B. Orchard
C. Aviary
D. Pen

9. I wish it wasn't raining means

A. It is raining
B. It isn't raining
C. It will rain
D. It wasn't raining

10. The boy had finished his homework when ____

A. I had called him
B. I call him
C. I called him
D. I have called him

11. One who knows everything

A. Master
B. Scholar
C. Omniscient
D. Omnipotent

12. The older he got ____ he became

A. more happier
B. happier
C. the happier
D. happy

13. Neither of the brothers knew the answers, ____

A. Do they?
B. Did they?
C. Didn't they?
D. Don't they?

14. My father is employed ___ the railway

A. at
B. on
C. in
D. for

15. If I ___ a bird I would fly home

A. was
C. were
D. had

16. Keep some candles ready incase _____

A. electricity may fails
B. electricity fail
C. electricity has failed
D. electricity fails

17. You had better ____ a dictionary

A. buying
B. to buy
C. buy
D. bought

18. Who did this work? Change the voice

A. This work is done by whom
B. By whom had the work is done?
C. By whom was this work done?
D. By whom did the work done?

19. The operation __ his pain but the injection alleviated it. (Choose the word opposite in meaning to thr word in italics)

A. Acquitted
B. Departed
C. Releaved
D. Aggravated 

20. Such elegant decor would impress even the ___

A. carpe diem
B. beau monde
C. faux paus
D. annus mirabilis

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